Even if the technology is unrealized, its effects will be very real. This is your guide to understanding what tech-ethics is with info for undergraduates looking to study in this intersection.

“We’re setting it such that it is at a mechanical level, at a physical level you can run away…

A look into the future of wearable robotics. Whether we see an advancement or a dystopia is up to us.

Picture a world where robots do all our work, omniscient machines predict the future, and robotic caretakers serve as our friends.

An optimist might be intrigued by such a future…

Accurate AI doesn’t translate to safe AI

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Today, AI models are used in fraud detection, courtrooms, and hospitals throughout the country and are becoming ever more commonplace.

We encounter AI daily, from the search engines we type in to the smart home assistants we interact with. …

One globe, seven continents, and 195 countries. Despite so many distinctions, all of the people living here are unified by one thing: the human brain.

The brain is a complex organ, and we are still learning more and more about it. …

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The novel coronavirus has devastated communities across the globe, creating an unprecedented global health crisis. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel: a vaccine.

Traditional vaccines work by introducing a weakened portion of the virus into the bloodstream. These components, known as immunogenic sites, elicit an immune…

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The driving force behind the evolution of capitalism is innovation. The discovery of coal led to the industrial revolution in Britain in the 18th century, and the competition forced other countries to adopt a similar manufacturing-based economic system. Consequently, American life changed, as well. The commodification of coal created urbanized…

Abhiram Pulavarthi

Interested in the intersection between tech and ethics.

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